A Success Story - The Solopreneur

Last year I started working with a gentleman who sold life insurance and who advised people with their finances. At first he needed help with scheduling. Google Voice allowed me to call on behalf of his "office". Google Calendar allowed me to maintain his calendar. And Google Contacts allowed me to have access to the information I needed to get the job done. THANK YOU GOOGLE!

With in a short time he started adding a task at a time; scheduling medicals, calling warm prospects, mailing out appointment reminder letters and mail merge. From time to time he would call and need me to research something or create a flier or make an urgent call. The system worked well. The tasks I did for him on a daily basis allowed him more time to focus on growing his business. He was able to get out in the world and make connections, give seminars, prospect.

In just over a years time he got to a point where he did not need a virtual assistant and needed an office with staff. He outgrew me!!

I do miss working with him but it is wonderful to know that I helped him grow professionally. That is why I got into this business.

If you are a new, small business or budding solopreneur I want to talk to you! Let's chat about how virtual assistance can help your business grow.


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