Keeping momentum during the work week

Maintaining work/life balance when you work from home can be challenging at times. We could all use a little reminder on how to keep the momentum going during the work week, especially now that Spring Fever is in the air. Oh, look at that butterfly!

Here are a few tips I have found along my journey as an entrepreneur that I wish to share with you…

Utilize your network

If you are stuck reach out to those who can help you. Whether you just need to brainstorm or if you need someone's skill, asking them for help will keep you moving along. Sometimes all you need is an objective eye.


Re-energizing your being is essential to maintaining your momentum in any project. Take a walk, watch a movie, read a something for you. When we take care of ourselves we are able to better deal with the work day/week/month ahead of us!

Avoiding Distractions

Truth is, what you consider to be a distraction might not be the same for others. What do you feel is your #1 distraction and how do you deal with it?

The number one motivation killer, in my book, are distractions. Some cannot be avoided but others certainly can. After starting business #3 it was very apparent that I was my own distraction and that turning off the social media notifications, scheduling two times a day to check email and screening calls was going to be the only way that things got done. The local coffee shop has also become a haven for uninterrupted time slots.

Know your limits

If you know you have more energy the first half of the week, plan accordingly. Schedule the more challenging tasks and projects for Monday - Wednesday. Leave Thursday and Friday for touch ups and the easier tasks. AND do not forget to break when you are feeling overloaded or at a standstill. Clearing your mind is often the best way to find the answer you are looking for.

For the parents entrepreneurs

Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter but she is at an age where I have to try and get most of my work done while she is sleeping or at school because there are too many distractions. She does not understand that I need that time to work and I understand that. So, adjust your schedule around your child’s schedule. That is one of the reasons why you work from home, isn’t it?


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