New service offered!

September 20, 2013

SHVS is now offering Info Graphics and Graphic Quotes. What are they?

Info Graphics are images that give your audience or market information. An example; say you are a non profit that helps the blind, you could do an info graphic letting your audience know that Cataract Awareness Month is coming up. Or you are a business that has a special, you can use a graphic to let them know.

Graphic Quotes are similar in that you are getting information across in the form of a graphic. The information you share is a quote. Here is an example of both types:

This is an Info Graphic I did for Sierra Services for the Blind to use on their Facebook page.

This is a Graphic Quote I made for this blog.

The possibilities are endless! I take many photos that you can use or you can provide your own. Let's chat! (530) 575-2916 or shoot me an email at!


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