Passion is what makes the world go 'round!

I am passionate about family, business and beauty; each for their own reasons. Family is what gives life substance and meaning. Where would we be without family? Business is fascinating to me. I am fascinated with the different types of businesses, the people behind them and how they operate and market themselves. Beauty is what inspires me to love, understand and let go. Each of the three completes me and my life without either feels empty.

To fulfill this need to create, market and give, each month I draw attention to a business and an artist that I feel passionate about on the home page of my website. There is no real criterion to the selection. The business owner or artist has to be passionate about what they do and doing it with compassion, integrity and in good nature.

This month I will begin blogging about each business chosen but first wanted to take a minute to reflect on the passionate people that I have highlighted in the past few months.

Business Worth the Buzz

May: Brigitte’s Arbonne Experience-“Be the best you”-Natural skin care for the entire family-

June: Simply Divine Cupcakes-“Vegan never tasted so…divine!”-Organic and Vegan cupcakes-

 July:Gold Country Cakes-Whatever kind of cake you can dream up, Gold Country Cakes will make it a

Creative Corner

May: 'Footpath to Mitford' By artist David Mooney-David is a self-taught artist and is was gifted with his

June: 'Rocky Mountain Lakeside' By artist David Mooney- David sat as the Artist-in-Residence at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado-

July: JKA Photography-This young photographer is creative and has a successful career in photography ahead of her-

You can find more information about these businesses or artists on my Facebook Business page at Keep your eye out for the blog on Augusts’ Business Worth the Buzz and Creative Corner.

Until then, onward and upward!

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